Welcome to ProWriting! As a committed individual providing exceptional services to our valued students, please take note of the following terms and conditions regarding refunds, credit for assignments, and professor’s grading rules:

  1. No Refund: I cannot offer refunds once you’ve invested in my services. I put my heart and soul into delivering top-notch work, and as a sole expert, I ensure that every assignment is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.
  2. Proof of Assignment: If you’re seeking credit for another assignment instead of a refund, I’ll need you to provide verifiable proof from your professor regarding the original assignment. I understand that each professor has unique grading criteria, and I want to ensure you receive the credit you deserve!
  3. Credit for Other Assignments: In place of refunds, I offer the flexibility of using credit towards other assignments. I believe in empowering my students to succeed, and this credit can be applied to future assignments or services to keep you on the path to academic excellence.
  4. Professor’s Grading Rules: I go the extra mile to follow the grading rules provided by your professor meticulously. However, please note that the final grading decision rests with the professor, and I do not guarantee specific grades or outcomes. I’m here to support you in every way possible, but grading remains at the discretion of your professor.
  5. Modification of Terms: I may occasionally update or modify the terms and conditions of this disclaimer to better serve my students. I’ll keep you informed of any changes so you’re always in the loop.
  6. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back if the paper is not an original paper (Written from Scratch)

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