Some of the most common questions asked by users on this website

This is a page that endeavors to answer all your questions that you have especially on our platform. We try to give you the best answer for all your queries. That is why our company prowriting has gathered some queries that for you.

Who is

We are a fast rising writing company that offers writing services to college students we offer a variety of services to you. For example, we offer original essays, discussion questions among others. They are non plagiarized  as they are written from scratch just for our customers.

Where can I find help for my school assignments?

You can find help at as it is a fast rising academic writing service in the whole wide world. We will ensure you get the best for what you are paying for. Our sole responsibility is to you our customer by offering you a competitive, original, formatted and fully referenced customized paper, just for you. Your individual requests will be put into considerations. This is to ensure that you attain the highest academic qualification.

Why Should I choose

You need to choose us because of the following reasons:

  • We guarantee high quality assignment written by highly skilled and qualified experts.
  • We deliver your assignment on time with no dilly dallies.
  • We put more focus on the authenticity and quality in writing of your work.
  • Amazingly, we offer the best low prices for our services.
  • Our customer services are always open to you all around the clock.
  • A plagiarism free assignment.
  • A well edited work that is grammatical with an APA /MLA format for your referencing section.

How different are you from other writing companies ?

Our company takes into account the quality of work that you expect ,that is why we engage highly qualified personnel who have been educated in the top known universities in Canada. Who have the expertise to meet all your assignment needs in all the academic fields.

Our customer service team is well trained to provide you assistance in all avenues at all times. Hence, we will give you the 100% that you need.

What does offer?

We have a range of services for you to choose from this include;

  • Original essays
  • Presentations
  • Exams
  • Work and excel sheets
  • Entire online courses
  • Discussion questions

Will I be cheating if I use your services?

No. Our services will act as a facilitator to your academic development .All your work will be 100%original as per as the instruction and non plagiarized work so you don’t need to worry we are here for you all the way up for great results.

Am I guaranteed confidentiality when I work with you?

Yes. Be at ease we will never reveal that you have used our services to anyone at any cost.This is only when you have used our platform in the right way. The agreement  can only be breached if and when we are required by law.

Can I get all my subjects in your service?

We actually provide writing  help in all subjects as they are customized depending on the assignment requirement which you have provided us with.

Do you deliver on time?

Yes, we certainly do that .Once you have ordered with us and given us the deadline. we will ensure we deliver on time so as not to let you down in any way.

We also deliver assignment on short notice apparel and we pride ourselves with this .However, this will cost you more.

Do you offer the quality control for my work?

Our company has a powered, great team of quality control .We will give your work to you  before the deadline so that  you have the upper hand to verify the work and contact us in case of any problem as soon as possible for any amendment.

How do I get in touch with you?

To contact us you can chat with us online on our website and we will get back to you immediately .You can also call/text us on (617)299-6181 or email us .

How can I order for your services?

Getting our services are so easy you only need to;

  • Fill out our short online form
  • Provide necessary information related to your assignment
  • You will have to pay for your order
  • As soon as the payment is confirmed you will receive an confirmation mail
  • You should know that we do not accept cheques.

Is your company a scam or legit?

This question always comes up especially when you need to purchase something online. It is true that there are some uncouth people out there who will take your money and offer you nothing or something that you do not require. We know this can be very painful as you will have wasted not only your money but also your time and effort, that is why our offers you the quality, authentic and timely delivery to your assignment. We even have a return cash back policy so you don’t need to worry about a thing we got your back.

How much do I pay for you to do my assignment?

We have a very clear platform on our website whereby you key in the number of pages you need and the price will be displayed for you , but for some general information on our prices here is a list of just some of our services that we offer;

  • Original essays- $26-$448
  • Online examination- (undergraduate, post graduate)-$125-$180
  • Discussion questions -$16-$115

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our disclaimer page to check out our refund policy.