How to Prepare for an Applied Sciences Exam

Applied sciences is a study that uses existing scientific knowledge to develop practical applications. It requires perfect preparation to pass an applied sciences exam which most students find challenging.

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What are the Areas of Specialization for Bachelor of Applied Science?

Often abbreviated as BAS, this undergraduate program calls for you to specialize in the following areas:

  • Biological engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Applied physics
  • Civil engineering
  • Applied mathematics

These are only a few examples of the subjects you can specialize in and are not exhaustive.

Study Past Question Papers

While setting an applied sciences exam, your professors tend to recycle questions from previous years’ exams. Studying from these papers will help you reduce the wastage of time that you would otherwise use reading many textbooks.

Another way to gain from past question papers is to attempt the questions as if you were sitting the exam, which is a good test for time management.

Mandatorily Attend Revision Lectures

How vital are revision sessions in college? Many students ignore their professors’ call to attend revision classes for unimportant reasons.

During this time, lecturers predict the questions or topics you can expect in your applied sciences exams. That’s why you need to keep off all distractions that will keep you from attending the sessions.

Put Emphasis On Major Topics

You don’t need to read everything when revising for applied sciences exams. Instead, identify your weak and strong points, then dedicate much time to improving your weak points.

Take time to read the broad and complex topics more than those that you find easy. This method will increase your marks in the exams if executed correctly.

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Answer All Questions During Exams

On the applied sciences exam day, ensure you read the question paper thoroughly to start with the easy ones.

Leaving your answer sheet blank will affect your marks negatively, which is why you need to try at least to write something under each question.

Although it sounds unnecessary, always make a point to revise your answers before submitting your answer booklet. It helps kick out simple mistakes you might have made in a hurry to beat the scheduled time.

Take Away

Cracking an applied sciences exam is not always an easy task, but you stand a high chance of getting good marks and graduating on time with these preparation tips.

If you embrace good study habits like group work and time management, then you’re good to go. Good luck!