How to Study for a Finance Exam

The study of finance focuses on preparing students to understand how companies and individuals control their money.

To pass a finance exam, you’ll need to have good knowledge of mathematics, accounting, economics, statistics, and marketing throughout the course.

A finance degree opens doors for you to thrive in careers like banking, accountancy, and many more.

Pro Writing has assembled these tips on studying for a finance exam to set you up for success.

Create a Study Routine

Many students get caught up in last-minute cramming on the exam week. Not saying cramming is terrible but only a handful of students pass their finance exams doing it.

The best thing to do is develop a study plan that sets aside time for each module you’re covering in a given semester.

If you give yourself breaks between study sessions to help you relax and enhance retention, you’ll automatically have mental clarity kicking out stress in your college life.

Keep Off Distractions

Time management is vital in college as much as in the work environment. As a student pursuing finance studies, you don’t need to open tabs for your social media on your computer while reading.

Also, keep your phone away during the entire study session to avoid multitasking. There’s a need to learn about time management because if you can’t do it in college, you’ll not succeed when you start working.

Habib Hinn, an MSc Finance and Economics Graduate from Warwick, said, “I have to stress that your worst enemy is distraction. Turn off your mobile phones, move your laptop away(if you’re not using it to study), and stay away from all those little things that keep you distracted and waste your time.”

Use Practical Exercises

Today’s world is friendly to students who use theories and concepts of finance studies to solve workplace problems. The days for memorization to just pass exams are long gone.

Try to get your hands on past finance exam papers and ready tutorials to test yourself and prepare for the real world.

While attempting past papers, avoid by any means the urge to counter-check the answers after each question to allow you to practice timing as if you were in an actual finance exam situation.

Form Study Groups

The advantage of being a member of a study group is that you can identify what you fail to grasp when you read alone.

You can also email your professor with questions that you don’t understand. Lecturers will never fail to give in-depth answers to questions brought before them by a team of students.

There’s always a possibility that a whole fruitful lecture can arise from just asking these questions.

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Bottom line

These tips will help you study for your finance exam and pass. Work hard and remember success doesn’t come at no cost.