CCMH521 Week 6 – Pharmacological Treatment of ADHD Flyer


This assignment takes 24 to 48 hours to be completed. Send the assignment instructions to the email



Imagine you work in a marriage and family counseling community agency and have been asked to create an educational flyer on the pharmacological treatment of ADHD for the clients at the agency.

Create a 2-sided, thorough flyer on the pros and cons of specific medications used to treat ADHD. Include the following:

Describe the biological theories related to the etiology of ADHD.
Choose three possible medications used to treat ADHD.
Describe how these medications work to treat the symptoms related to ADHD.
Explain the benefits and drawbacks of each medication, including possible side effects and potential interactions or contraindications.
Describe how these medications work with different age groups.

Include pictures and graphics as appropriate.

Include a minimum of 3 sources.

Format any citations within your flyer according to APA guidelines.