CCMH521 Week 8 Team – Medication Adherence Project


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Complete the Medication Adherence Project, as outlined in the Medication Adherence Project.

Medication Adherence Project

Imagine your Learning Team has been hired as a consultant team to a community mental health center that provides intensive outpatient services for adults. You have been informed that therapists often encounter problems persuading clients to stay on their psychiatric medications.

Clients who discontinue medication are at greater risk for inpatient hospital stays for both psychiatric and medical conditions, and their symptoms often worsen dramatically. They typically lose any treatment gains made, such as sobriety, gainful employment, stable housing, and relationships, and often alienate their support systems. The members of their support system may become frustrated with the client’s instability and illness.

Your team has been asked to design a medication adherence program for the clients at the agency. The program should incorporate the role of the marriage and family therapist in medication adherence, and should also educate the clients, their support systems, and the therapists and case managers who work for the agency on the topic of medication adherence.

The community mental health center serves the following populations:

Adults who have one or more moderate to severe diagnosis
Clients who show limited insight and understanding about their diagnosis
Clients who have co-morbid substance use and dependence

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present your program to the agency directors. Include the following:

Describe the purpose of medication adherence.
Explain possible reasons for non-adherence with diverse populations.
Describe methods for overcoming challenges related to non-adherence.
Describe general approaches to adherence.
Describe specific medication adherence interventions included in your program. These can include:
Physical/mechanical interventions, such as pill boxes, timers, etc.
Behavioral/motivational interventions
Family/support system interventions

Include a minimum of 5 sources.

Format any citations within your presentation according to APA guidelines.