GEN201 Week 3 College Communication Worksheet


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Communicating for Success

GEN201 Week 3: The University has 5 learning goals that guide instruction across all programs and help ensure graduates can show excellence in the following:

Professional competence and values
Critical thinking and problem solving
Information utilization

This assignment supports these learning goals. It specifically addresses the college writing process and considerations for successful communication throughout your college career.

Review “Introduction to College Writing” and “Steps in the College Writing Process” of Student Success.

In this worksheet, you will be answering questions about effective communication, academic integrity, and the college writing process.

Complete each section of the College Communication Worksheet.

College Communication Worksheet
1. Effective Communication

Write a 175-word response to the following scenario and questions:

Scenario: Your class requires you to use a program that you must download on your computer. You have waited until day 5 of the week to download the program, and you need it for an assignment that is due in 2 days. Now you are having issues with the program. How do you communicate with your instructor about your issue?
What strategies did you learn to avoid having any miscommunication with your instructor and class? How can you make sure to avoid miscommunication in your future classes and careers?

2. Academic Integrity

Access the Center for Writing Excellence and click on Visit Tutorials and Guides.

Review the following resources under the Academic Integrity heading:

Plagiarism Tutorial
Student Code of Academic Integrity
Plagiarism Guide
Plagiarism Checker Student Guide

Write a 175-word response to the following questions:

What are at least 2 examples of violations of the Student Code of Academic Integrity?
Why is integrity important in both academic and professional life? How do you put integrity into practice in both your academic and professional life?
Discuss the resources on plagiarism available to you as student. Which is the most useful? Why?

3. College Writing Process

Write a 175-word response to the following questions:

What are the five steps in the college writing process?
How would you apply those steps to write a research paper?