LDR531 Week 3 – Team Assignment: Leadership Models for Ethical and Communication Challenges


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LDR531 Week 3 – Team Assignment: Leadership Models for Ethical and Communication Challenges

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to apply leadership models or styles and communication theories through business situations shown in two case studies. The discussion with other learning team members is designed to identify and consider different perspectives, and to agree on generic leadership models or styles, communication and ethical guidance that can be used in any organization.

Assignment Steps

Read both Chapter 11 cases: Ethical Dilemma BYOD (Page 386), and Case Incident 1 – Do Men and Women Speak the Same Language? (Page 387).

All team members discuss in your learning team the ethical dilemma and the communication issue that might arise in an organization, such as your own. Each Team Member will answer the three questions following both cases (a total of 6 questions).

The Learning Team will compile each team member’s 6 questions into the submitted paper as one comprehensive document that has three (3) sections. Section 1 covers the team identification and comparison of 3 specific leadership models or styles.

Section 1 – Each Team Member will discuss leadership models and styles that are effective for ethical and communication issues, and then create a detailed chart comparing at least 3 leadership models presented in this week’s reading. In this comparison, focus on how the leadership model communicates and interacts with employee groups. Attach or paste this chart in your MS Word document. Each team member will create a detailed action plan that identifies and plans how the team member’s personal leadership skills can be improved for greater effectiveness. Use the SMART goal or objective approach to list one action plan for each team member. The team will create a chart showing each of the team member’s SMART goal.

Section 2 – copy and paste the 6 questions from each team member and include the team member name.

Section 3 – Include the team summary of both cases with a focus on the following: Provide a generic BYOD ethical guidance that may be used in any industry or organization by leadership. Provide a generic organization communication strategy to address and improve the communication challenges for men and women.

Paper length is up to the team; however detail and depth must be evident. The paper must have an introduction and a conclusion.

References – include at least three references for this assignment based on team member research.

Academic Integrity – Refer to the student resources for Plagiarism Guide and Plagiarism Tutorial in the Center for Writing Excellence. Include your Plagiarism similarity report.