OPS571T Week 6 – Apply: Week 6 Assignment


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OPS571T Week 6 – Apply: Week 6 Assignment

In conducting a total cost of ownership analysis, it is probably best to use a team representing the key functional areas.

Plant A is located at the (X, Y) coordinates of (200, 500) and has a volume of shipping of 400 units a day. Plant B is located at the (X, Y) coordinates of (300, 100) and has a volume of shipping of 300 units a day. Using the centroid method, which of the following is the X coordinate for the new plant location?

Logistics is a term indicating transportation choices for goods produced internationally but consumed domestically.

Ownership costs are incurred after the initial purchase and are associated with the ongoing use of the product or material. Which of the following is not an ownership cost listed in the text?

The six-step process for green sourcing does not include which of the following?

Very few products are moved without at least part of their journey being by which mode of transportation?

The optimal strategy for functional products is to use a responsive supply chain.

Cross-docking is a practice used in the international shipping industry that facilitates port utilization.

How many free trade zones are there in the United States?

Which of the following is a criterion that influences manufacturing plant or warehouse facility location decisions?

A financially driven reason for outsourcing is that it can help gain access to new markets, especially in developing countries.

Warranty costs are part of (choose the most appropriate)

Services typically have multiple site locations to maintain close contact with customers.

Using the transportation method for solving the optimal shipping a product from factories to warehouses, as per text, you should use

If the average aggregate inventory value is $1,200,000 and the cost of goods sold is $600,000, which of the following is weeks of supply?

The phenomenon that magnifies the variability in order quantities for goods as orders move through the supply chain from the customer to the producer is called the bullwhip effect.

Which of the following is an organizationally driven reason for outsourcing?

Facility location analysis considers the competitive imperative of a favorable business climate as indicated by the presence of other companies in the same industry.

Ownership costs include which of the following costs?

Logistics is a term that refers to the management functions that support the complete cycle of material flow, from the purchase and internal control of production materials; to the planning and control of work-in-process; to the purchasing, shipping, and distribution of the finished product.

Facility location analysis considers the competitive imperative of locating near the appropriate labor pool to take advantage of high technical skills.

Which of the following is a plant location methodology good for locating a single facility within a set of existing facilities based in distances and volumes of goods shipped?

The effect of the lack of synchronization among supply chain members is referred to as which of the following?

The centroid method for plant location uses which of the following data?

The best strategy for innovative products is to use either a responsive or an agile supply chain.