PSY110 Week 1 Self Check-In Worksheet


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Psychology, Success, and Self-Awareness

PSY110 Week 1: The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply what you learned in this week’s activities and readings. Reflect on the results from the activities you completed this week and on how to improve your academic and life skills.

Complete the Self Check-In Worksheet.

Self Check-In Worksheet

Write a 50- to 75-word response to each of the following questions:

After completing the Self-Awareness Checklist Activity in McGraw-Hill Connect®, what did you learn about your own personal happiness? What are some ways you can increase your happiness? Why is your happiness important?

After completing the Wheel of Life Activity in McGraw-Hill Connect®, which area(s) of your life did you find that you want or need to spend more time? Explain.

What do your results on the How Self-Conscious Are You? Activity in McGraw-Hill Connect® tell you about your level of self-consciousness? Would you like to become more self-conscious, less self-conscious, or remain about the same? Why? How do you think you could enjoy the benefits of self-consciousness without falling victim to anxiety?

After completing the Personality Self-Portrait Activity in McGraw-Hill Connect®, which one trait from the list of personality traits do you wish you had? Why? Which trait do you have that you think others might wish they had? Why? Explain.

After completing the Discover Your Multiple Intelligences Activity in McGraw-Hill Connect®, which two intelligences did you score highest in? Which of the intelligences in which you scored lower would you be interested in learning more about?