The most common types of essay writing

What is essay writing?

An essay writing is the process of writing which  focuses on a particular event that is designed to educate and to convince. There are various types of essay writing but the most common of them include: argumentative, expository narrative, and descriptive essays types of essay writing.

Types of essay writing

Argumentative essay

This particular essay requires one to have a strong thesis statement that will ascertain your essay writing standards as your aim is fully focused on convincing the reader using pieces of evidence by citing and analysis. This type of essay tests your capability to research and present your position on certain matters. A majority of college papers require this. As with any standard of essay writing it is divided into the introduction, the body where all your arguments are presented, and the conclusion that summarizes the argument and the importance of the essay writing.

A descriptive essay

As the name suggests it expects a detailed description of a given topic in essay writing. Unlike other essay writing, it gives you the freedom to be free and imaginative than most academic writings. In this one, you only have to solely focus on describing one specific thing and not the whole detailed story. Besides, this essay test the ability of the writer’s language creativity as well as the ability to use vivid description. Like all essays, it has three important structures, that is, the introduction where you will bring forth the object under description and the body is drawing a picture. What you should remember is to use good diction and stylistic devices in this essay writing.

An expository essay

This is quite straightforward essay writing as it requires you to focus on the clarification of the topic. It does not need any dispute, just a well-structured view of the title at hand. The imperative thing to note is that, it tests your capability to coherently convey information and your awareness of a certain topic in essay writing. These questions are commonly found in high school and examinations. Like all the other essays the introduction is aimed at stating the topic of discussion while giving the background, present the body with details, and concluding with summarizing what you presented.

A narrative essay

As the name suggests, it wants you to narrate an account in essay writing. Frequently, it is about someone’s ventures or some imaginative story that one has come up with, that is, even beyond one’s reach. They regularly test one’s ability to build up a narrative in a more captivating manner that is chronologically places and not misplaced. To add on, they solely touch on the individual and ingenious than other kinds of essays they give one the freedom and liberty to explore various things at first hand with no constraints. Unlike other essays, this does not follow the norm of the introduction body and conclusion it only needs you to express your moral of the story learned at the end of the essay writing.

To draw up the conclusion, there are many types of essay writing that one can write from but the ones discussed are the ones that are mostly used in schools and even out of school. Therefore, from the list above you now know which essay the professor has requested that your task be written. Failure to this may lead to your disqualification as you will not have followed the required guidelines to identify types of essay writing.