CCMH511 Week 2 Team – Therapeutic Questioning Exercise


This assignment takes 24 to 48 hours to be completed. Send the assignment instructions to the email



The types of questions we ask as counselors can determine the progress made during a counseling session. This assignment will prepare you to develop effective therapeutic questions.

Review information on the Open and Closed Questions page on the Changing Minds website.

Create a list of 12 to 15 different therapeutic questions you may ask a client in the initial stages of the counseling process.

Analyze the list of questions as a team and revise them to ensure they are open-ended. Use “Track Changes” in Microsoft® Word to show what you revised. This will be submitted with your summary.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your experience revising the questions.

Include the following:

Describe the process you went through as a team to revise the questions.
Reflect on any difficulties you encountered while revising the questions.
Explain what strategies you may keep the same and which you may change while asking questions of clients in a counseling setting.

Format your summary according to APA guidelines.

Submit your list of questions with tracked changes, along with your summary.