CCMH525 Week 5 Individual: Week 5 Homework Exercise


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Complete the Week 5 Homework Exercise.

Week 5 Homework Exercise

Answer the following questions in 25 to 50 words each (where applicable), covering material from Ch. 11 of Methods in Behavioral Research:

1. How may a researcher enhance the generalizability of the results of a single-case design?

2. What is program evaluation? Provide an example.

3. What are researchers examining in an efficacy assessment?

4. Unlike true experiments, quasi-experimental designs lack _____________.

5. Why might a researcher use a quasi-experimental design rather than a true experimental design?

6. A researcher is investigating the effects of life review group therapy on depression among older adult residents of assisted care facilities. The researcher identifies two facilities and recruits volunteer participants. In one of the facilities, life review therapy is conducted for eight weeks. In the other facility, a no-treatment support group takes place for eight weeks. Depression is measured after the program is administered. What type of research design is this? What is the greatest threat to internal validity in this type of design? Explain.

7. A researcher wants to investigate patriotic behavior across the lifespan. She samples people in the following age groups: 18–28, 29–39, 40–50, 51–60, and 61 and above. All participants are interviewed and asked to complete questionnaires and rating scales about patriotic behavior. This type of developmental research design is called ________________. What is the primary disadvantage of this type of design? Explain.