COM295T Week 2 Apply: New Hire Persuasive Message


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It is Michael’s first week at his new job. While he has lots of experience in operations management and customer service, the organizational structure, communication channels, system, and procedures in his new place of work are still new to him.

During the interview process, Michael became familiar with the problems facing the organization and is eager to apply his ideas.

After introduction and exposure as a new team member, it is time for him to start interacting with individuals using lateral, downward, and upward communication in order to get information, figure out his team players, and find people of influence.

Watch Michael’s initial message to his new team. His goal is to persuade them to form a workgroup to identify and solve the problems facing the organization. The aim is to get his new coworkers to relax and accept the fact that he is there to make their jobs easier rather than harder.

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