GENE201 Module 4 M4A3: atDNA Project


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GENE201 Module 4 M4A3: atDNA Project

This project helps evaluate your understanding of atDNA, including the inheritance pattern of atDNA, and using atDNA to understand relationships.

This is a project to further your education in autosomal DNA through additional reading from another perspective. Follow the instructions below, and answer the following questions.

Instructions: Read the following article and answer the following questions.

Ballard, Elizabeth Wilson. “Genetic Genealogy – DNA Testing and You.” Diggin’ up Graves (23 November 2016). (Links to an external site.).

Question #1: In the United States, what entity promulgates the Genealogical Proof Standard, which now considers DNA to be another piece of evidence that genealogists should consider when researching a genealogical question?

Question #2: What is the name of the law enforcement database utilized for DNA?

Question #3: According to the article, what are some of the reasons that you should consider DNA testing?

Question #4: Study Scenario #3 in the reading, and explain the phrase “With DNA matches, the absence of a cousin match does not mean that no relationship exists.”

Question #5: According to this article, who owns your DNA if someone else paid for the test? Do you agree or disagree with this conclusion?