BSCOM234T Week 1 – Apply: Verbal Communication


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BSCOM234T Week 1 – Apply: Verbal Communication

1. Imagine if Haley would have spoken to Kameron about his intentions with the happy hour invites. This level of communication could have helped Haley to better ___________ Kameron.

a) describe
b) label
c) judge
d) understand

2. Based on the scenario, it does not seem that Kameron and Haley had a strong interpersonal relationship. If Kameron and Haley had developed interpersonal communication with each other, it would help them to negotiate and define __________.
a. symbols
b. contexts
c. relationships
c. dyads

3. After the incident with Kameron and Haley, the human resources department sent an email message to employees about treating individuals fairly and communicating honestly. This level of communication among the employees involves a high degree of ___________________.
a) context
b) sympathy
c) empathy
d) ethics

4. Haley made notes about how she would respond to Kameron during his happy hour. This is an example of __________________ communication.
a) reflective
b) rehearsed
c) intrapersonal
d) interpersonal

5. Haley’s coworker, Ashley, attended the ethics training. Ashley was afraid she would misunderstand some of the training, so she took notes during the entire presentation. This action was due to Ashley’s ________ apprehension.
a) critical
b) observational
c) listener
d) hearing

6. Due to the Kameron and Haley’s situation, the human resources department has required a mandatory ethics training. Ethics are ________ by which a person determines what is right or wrong.

a) moral principles
b) beliefs
c) beliefs, values, and moral principles
d) values

7. After Haley’s interview with Alicia, she used the phrase, “I felt like a wrung out washrag after that investigation!” Haley was expressing her emotions via a __________.

a) metaphorical image
b) restricted code
c) visual code
d) word picture

8. Both Kameron and Haley can improve their communication skills by becoming __________oriented.

a) action-
b) self-
c) interaction-
d) other-

9. The human resources department at Creative Consulting, like most places, has a set rules about communication behavior, some are _______ and others are _________.

a) encoded/decoded
b) explicit/implicit
c) active/encoded
d) active/inactive

10. During the ethics training, Ashley heard the speaker use a word that she didn’t know and consulted two dictionaries to be sure she had the literal meaning of the word. Ashley was looking for which of the following meanings of the word?

a) Connotative
b) Abstract
c) Denotative
d) Onomatopoetic

11. As Alicia, the director of human resources, meets with Haley, she waits for Haley to finish her sentence before responding. This is an example of an _____________.

a) implicit rule
b) explicit rule
c) sympathy rule
d) empathy rule

12. The Employee Handbook states that an implicit rule in communication means that something is ______________ between the two individuals who are communicating.

a) explicit
b) active
c) implicit
d) inactive

13. Kameron might be perceived as a person who doesn’t give much thought to the listener. Based on this perception, what form of communication was Kameron involved in?

a) Interpersonal communication
b) Ethics
c) Thinking
d) Egocentric communication

14. Jason, the president of Creative Consulting, checked on the progress of the ethics training. When Jason arrived to the conference room, he saw that the room was mostly empty. Jason called a meeting and yelled, “OK, what part of ‘mandatory training’ didn’t you understand? I want you to go back to the conference room and participate in this session. This is ridiculous!” Jason’s behavior was __________.

a) aggressive
b) assertive
c) other-oriented
d) results-oriented

15. Elizabeth, the intern, has learned from her actions that ________ has transformed the way we make, maintain, and dissolve relationships in the twenty-first century.
a) Social presence
b) Social media
c) Synchronous communication
d) Ethical communication

16. Some employees admire and socialize with Kameron, calling him a “charismatic party-goer.” Some employees despise and criticize him, calling him a “loose cannon.” The use of these words to describe or evaluate Kameron reflect the power of words to __________.

a) build barriers
b) affect and reflect culture
c) persuade political views
d) create perceptions

17. During a recent investigation by the human resources department with Haley, Alicia sorted good information from what was less useful and less valid. In this case Alicia was performing __________.

a) information triage
b) social decentering
c) conversational narcissism
d) information overload

18. When Kameron asked Haley about going to happy hour, she was hesitant to go because Kameron may become her supervisor. Haley made a list of the pros and cons of hanging out with Kameron after work. This is an example of which form of communication?

a) interpersonal communication
b) intrapersonal communication
c) intermediate communication
d) impersonal communication

19. Elizabeth, the intern, was not physically present when she shared the video of Kameron and Haley on social media. Which form of communication occurs when someone communicates the same message to many people at once, but the creator of the message is usually not physically present?

a) public communication
b) small group communication
c) mass communication
d) intrapersonal communication

20. Kameron has just been placed on temporary leave from his job and turns to you to talk about it. According to communication researchers, what would be an inappropriate response to show social support?

a) “Yes, then what happened?”
b) “How are you doing?”
c) “I would really like to help you.”
d) “Don’t worry about it. You can always find a new job.”

21. Haley wrote to Alicia, the director of human resources, about her verbal exchanges with Kameron and how he was a difficult co-worker. This is an example of _____________.

a. intrapersonal communication
b. implicit communication
c. interpersonal reflection
d. cognitive complexity

22. The speaker of the ethics training wanted to be sure that audience members understood his presentation, so he spoke in a deliberate, slow fashion in order to achieve his goal. The technique backfired. A majority of the employees became bored and some even left. This was most likely due to which of the following?

a) Selective listening
b) Differing speech rate and thought rate
c) Information overload
d) Conversational narcissism

23. Haley’s communication with Kameron and other employees shaped her ___________.

a) self-esteem
b) biases
c) self-concept
d) prejudices

24. Kameron’s lawyers believe noise has occurred during the conversation between Haley and their client. Which of the following statements describes noise?

a) The physical and psychological environment for communication
b) The filters through which messages pass
c) The transmission of a thought or feeling
d) Anything that interferes with the message being interpreted in the way it was intended