GENE201 Module 4 M4D1: Using DNA Tests in Your Research


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GENE201 Module 4 M4D1: Using DNA Tests in Your Research

Now that you have learned about each of the four types of DNA, take a moment to reflect on how you plan to use DNA kit test results in your research.

Proceed to the discussion area and engage in the following questions. For best grading results and to shape the discussion, read the accompanying rubric. Post at least one original comment and at least two thoughtful responses to classmates for each question. This discussion will open the first Monday, closing when the module does. Posting your original comments no later than Thursday night gives your classmates time to respond and maximizes your possible points.

Who is the one person in your family that you would like to test the most, and why? What genealogical question are they likely to assist with?
What surprising DNA result have you received? Why was it surprising?

You are encouraged to practice using the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition; 2010) of formatting and Evidence Explained (3rd edition; 2015) citations within your submission.