REL134 Week 3 – Knowledge Check


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REL134 Week 3 – Knowledge Check

Question 1

o In Jesus’ time, what power controlled Israel?
o Greece
o Egypt
o Persia
o Rome

Question 2

o The Protestant Reformation was started by
o John Calvin.
o Martin Luther.
o John Wesley.
o Meister Eckhart.

Question 3

o Which of these books is found in the New Testament?
o Genesis
o Samuel
o Psalms
o Hebrews

Question 4

o Perhaps the most important ritual of Christianity is a sign of entry into the church, or
o baptism.
o anointing.
o ordination.
o infallibility.

Question 5

o Easter, as a celebration of the resurrection, is associated with the color
o red.
o green.
o violet.
o white.

Question 6

o The major Christian rituals, such as baptism and Eucharist, are often called
o confessionals.
o rosaries.
o indulgences.
o sacraments.

Question 7

o The view that the end of the world is near is called
o messianism.
o apocalypticism.
o adoptionism.
o monophysitism.

Question 8

o Literally, “gospel” means
o preparation.
o repentance.
o contract.
o good news.

Question 9

o In 1054, what happened between the Eastern and Western Church?
o They compiled a Bible on which all Christians could agree.
o Their leaders differed on the official date of Easter.
o Their leaders excommunicated one other.
o They moved the capital of the empire to Constantinople.

Question 10

o “Orthodox” literally means
o guided tradition.
o correct belief.
o one nature.
o eastern side.