REL134 Week 4 – Understanding Islam


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REL134 Week4 Islam

REL134 Week4: This week, you have the opportunity to provide a brief summary of what you have learned about Islam. You will also explore differences between various groups within Islam and understand current practices today.

Complete Understanding Islam.

Understanding Islam

Part 1: Summary

Write a 350- to 525-word summary of the most significant events in the history of Islam.

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Part 2: Important Elements

Write a 1- to 2-sentence explanation of the importance to Muslims of each of the elements listed in the table below.

Qur’an Enter text.
Five Pillars Enter text.
Ramadan Enter text.
General Islamic Ethics Enter text.
Part 3: Similarities and Differences

Select two of the branches of Islam (e.g., Sunni, Shia/Shiite, Sufi) to compare and contrast. Identify them in the table below.

Branch of Islam Enter text.
Branch of Islam Enter text.

Describe at least three similarities and/or differences, including at least one similarity and one difference in how these two branches of Islam practice their traditions.

Similarities Differences
Enter text. Enter text.

Include references formatted according to APA guidelines. You may find helpful resources for formatting citations in the Center for Writing Excellence in the University Library.

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