REL134 Week 4 – Week 4 Knowledge Check


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REL134 Week 4 – Week 4 Knowledge Check

Question 1

Islam particularly stresses
o oneness of God.
o having only one wife.
o pilgrimage to Jerusalem once in a lifetime.
o prayer twice each day.

Question 2

Islam literally means
o submission.
o tradition.
o purity.
o devotion.

Question 3

Observant Muslims do not allow
o interracial marriage.
o alcohol.
o pilgrimage.
o divorce.

Question 4

Muslims trace themselves back ultimately to what great patriarch?
o Paul
o Abraham
o Moses
o Isaac

Question 5

A remembrance of what Muhammad said or did is called
o caliph.
o hadith.
o Shia.
o Hajj.

Question 6

Regarding the afterlife, Muslims believe
o in reincarnation until one reaches perfection.
o in heaven and hell.
o the soul ascends to the top of the universe.
o the individual dissolves into the divine essence.

Question 7

Muhammad was born and raised in
o Marrakesh.
o Medina.
o Mysore.
o Mecca.

Question 8

Which country had a large Muslim population for almost 800 years?
o Italy
o Kenya
o Poland
o Spain

Question 9

The Islamic month of fasting is called
o Lent.
o Hajj.
o Ramadan.
o Nisan.

Question 10

The chanter who calls people to prayer is called
o muezzin.
o salat.
o qiblah.
o sawm.