RES723 Development of Chapter and Methodology


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RES723 Development of Chapter and Methodology

This week assignment is for each of you to post as complete a chapter one as you have and a substantive development of chapter 2. Please give it your best and post whatever you have. I will review each and make a determination if you are ready to move forward to Doc 741 – the proposal course – or whether you will be better served to take the 5-week extension period in which we will continue to work to get the proposal at which you are ready to move forward. At a minimum, you have to have identified a scholarly problem regarding human activity in a process, an issue and/or a phenomenon. The purpose expresses your plan to use a method and a design for the intent to answer your research question. Consider that your chosen theoretical/conceptual foundation will be a supportive literature to help you form your model with which to find answers to the research question. I hope you are beginning to see how all the elements support one another in research and flow outward from the research problem.

Note: the total amount of pages for this assignment is 14 pages. If you need more than 14 pages, please contact me to add more pages to this assignment. I have completed this work for hundreds of doctoral students from University of Phoenix. I’m a professional writer that helps doctoral students to achieve their writing goals.