RES724 Week 1: Foundations of Qualitative Research


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RES724 Week 1: Complete the Foundations of Qualitative Research Worksheet.

Foundations of Qualitative Research Worksheet
Exercise 1

The purpose of this exercise is to examine how philosophical assumptions differ and are exemplified (implicitly or explicitly) based on the interpretive framework selected.

Read the four articles listed below, which are located in the Week 1 University Library Readings. Each qualitative journal article adopts a different interpretive lens.

Queer Theory Adams, J., Braun, V., & McCreanor, T. (2014). “Aren’t labels for pickle jars, not people?” Negotiating identity and community in talk about “being gay.” American Journal of Men’s Health, 8(6), 457–469. doi:0.1177/1557988313518800
Social Constructivist Brown, J., Sorrell, J. H., McClaren, J., & Creswell, J. W. (2006). Waiting for a liver transplant. Qualitative Health Research, 16(1), 119–136. doi:10.1177/1049732305284011
Postpositivist Churchill, S. L., Plano Clark, V. L., Prochaska-Cue, M. K., Creswell, J. W., & Onta-Grzebik, L. (2007). How rural low-income families have fun: A grounded theory study. Journal of Leisure Research, 39(2), 271–294.
Transformative Job, J., Poth, C., Pei, J., Carter-Pasula, B., Brandell, D., & MacNab, J. (2013). Toward better collaboration in the education of students with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Voices of teachers, administrators, caregivers, and allied professionals. Qualitative Research in Education, 2, 38–64. doi:10.4471/qre.2013.1

Complete the table below by providing detailed explanations and examples that demonstrate how the different philosophical assumptions are represented (implicitly or explicitly) in the selected journal articles.





Interpretive Frameworks Queer Theory

Adams et al. (2014)

Social Constructivism

Brown et al. (2006)


Churchill et al. (2007)


Job et al. (2013)

Discuss how the philosophical assumptions differed between the interpretive frameworks. Why is it important for researchers to understand the connection between philosophy and interpretive frameworks? Write your response in the space below.

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Exercise 2

The purpose of this exercise is to explore the link between the research purpose and research questions.

Identify a potential research topic for a qualitative study. Write your topic in the space below.

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Complete the table below by writing 1 or 2 research questions for an exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory study related to your selected topic. Include a justification that explains how your research question(s) align with and/or support the research purpose.

Research Question(s) Justification
Research Purpose Exploratory