GENE201 Module 2 M2A4: X-DNA Inheritance Project 2


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GENE201 Module 2 M2A4: X-DNA Inheritance Project 2

This project helps evaluate your understanding of X-DNA, including the unique inheritance pattern of X-DNA.

This is an individual project followed by a series of questions. Generate an X-DNA chart as described below, and then answer the following questions using that chart.

Instructions: Generate a chart showing your X-DNA ancestors. You can do this by hand using X-DNA Inheritance charts (Word or PDF) available at:

Wayne, Debbie Parker. “X-DNA Inheritance Charts (Links to an external site.).” Deb’s Delvings in Genealogy. Retrieved from: : 2013.

Alternatively, you can generate these charts using a GEDCOM generated by your family tree software (see (Links to an external site.) for more information about GEDCOMs) at the following site:

GedTree. (Links to an external site.) : 2017.

GedTree has free X-DNA charts for males and females that require a GEDCOM.

Question #1: At the 7th generation (your 4th Great-Grandparents, which is the last generation in Wayne’s charts and the second-to-last generation in the GedTree charts), how many X-DNA ancestors do you have?

Question #2: At the 7th generation, how many X-DNA ancestors do you have any information for (including as little as a possible first name)?

Question #3: Choose one of your brick wall X-DNA ancestors and provide a short summary as to how you might use traditional evidence and/or DNA evidence to analyze that ancestor and break through the brick wall.