GENE201 Module 7 M7A4: Ethnicity Prediction Project


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GENE201 Module 7 M7A4: Ethnicity Prediction Project

This project helps evaluate your understanding of ethnicity predictions, including the uses and limitations of these estimates.

This is a project to analyze your paper-based ancestry to estimate your ethnicity. Follow the instructions below, and answer the following questions.

Instructions: If possible, estimate your ethnicity prediction using only your paper-trail genealogy. Using a family tree out to about 4 or 5 generations, estimate the percentage of ancestry you have from the various countries represented in your tree. For example, at 4 generations (your great-great-grandparents) you have 16 ancestors (you may have fewer if there was recent intermarriage). For the 16 ancestors at that generation, what country or countries does their ancestry come from?

Here’s a sample chart:

Country: Number of Ancestors Percentage
(Number of ancestors / 16 * 100)
England 8 50%
Germany 2 12.5%
France 4 25%
Italy 1 6.25%
Unknown 1 6.25%

Question #1: What are your percentages?

Question #2: What are some of the reasons that your ethnicity estimate from an autosomal DNA testing company might not match the prediction you just created?

BONUS Question: If you’ve taken an autosomal DNA test and received an ethnicity estimate from the testing company, compare it to the chart you generated. How does it compare?