MBA6012 Week 4 Project Locations/Offshoring/Outsourcing


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In this section of the course project, you will focus on location-related decisions taken by the company you have chosen and the company’s strategy to manufacture in-house or outsource the functions of the supply chain. This outsourcing may be tied to a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and determination of core competencies.
Complete the following tasks:
• Analyze the company’s decisions and strategy regarding site selection, outsourcing, and offshoring operations.
• Evaluate the impacts of offshoring or outsourcing on quality and the supply chain.
Prepare the deliverables for this week to provide information on the following aspects of the company:
• Locations
• Offshoring
• Outsourcing
Submission Details:
• Submit your report in a three- to four-page Word document, using APA style.