REL134 Week 2 Knowledge Check


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REL134 Week 2 Knowledge Check

Question 1

The Jewish view of God is best expressed as
o God is an impersonal force.
o God is creator and judge.
o God is the pattern of nature.
o God created the world but does not interfere in it.

Question 2

The Jewish Day of Atonement, the most sacred day of the Jewish year, is
o Rosh Hashanah.
o Hanukkah.
o Passover.
o Yom Kippur

Question 3

The Jewish Sabbath is kept from
o sunset Friday to sunset Saturday
o sunrise Saturday to sunrise Sunday.
o sunrise Saturday to sundown Sunday.
o sunrise Sunday to sunrise Monday.

Question 4

Judaism traces itself back to what legendary patriarch who is written about in the book of Genesis?
o Moses
o David
o Abraham
o Nehemiah

Question 5

“Covenant” means
o restoration.
o overthrow.
o vision.
o contract.

Question 6

The biblical book that describes the origins of the human race is
o Proverbs.
o Genesis.
o Isaiah.
o Psalms.

Question 7

The three categories of the Hebrew Bible are
o Torah, Prophets, and Proverbs.
o Psalms, Chronicles, and Proverbs.
o History, Prophets, and Psalms.
o Torah, Prophets, and Writings.

Question 8

According to the Book of Exodus, what disaster was the last to strike the Egyptians?
o plague of frogs
o hail
o darkness
o death of firstborn male children

Question 9

Another name for the Torah is
o Nevi’im.
o Tanakh.
o Pentateuch.
o Ketuvim.

Question 10

Contemporary Judaism has split into four parts. The part which encourages non-literal, individual interpretation of traditional beliefs is called
o Reform Judaism.
o Reconstructionist Judaism.
o Orthodox Judaism.
o Conservative Judaism.