GENE201 Week 8 M8A3: Privacy Debate Project


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GENE201 Week 8 M8A3: Privacy Debate Project

This project helps evaluate your understanding of some of the ethical concerns involved in DNA testing, such as privacy and data ownership.

This is a project to analyze privacy issues related to genetic genealogy testing. Follow the instructions below, and draft the requested item.

Instructions: Read the following two articles. The second article, by AncestryDNA, is a rebuttal to the first article:

Winston, Joel. “ takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives.” ThinkProgress (17 May 2017). (Links to an external site.)
AncestryDNA. “Setting the record Straight.” Ancestry Blog (21 May 2017). (Links to an external site.).

Now that you’ve read both sides of this issue, draft a short letter or message of 500 words or more explaining to your hesitant relative why they should OR should not be concerned about DNA testing at AncestryDNA.