Law531 Week 2 Apply Assessment


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Law531 Week 2 Apply Assessment

What is the stated cause of action?
• an attempt to suppress and eliminate competition
• combination and conspiracy to increase and maintain the price of NBR
• unreasonable restraint of interstate and foreign trade and commerce

• an attempt to suppress aall of the above

• Which antitrust law did the defendant violate?
• Sherman Act
• Clayton Act
• Federal Trade Commission Act
• Taft-Hartley Act

• Which of the following is NOT an element of this complaint?
• a description of the legal action that will be taken against the defendant
• an explanation of the offense
• a conclusion that the defendant’s actions significantly affected interstate commerce
• a description of the defendant and co-conspirators

• Which of the following was an illegal act by the defendant?
• embezzling funds to maintain their business structure
• using deceptive practices to lie to consumers about the actual price of the product
• participating in conversations and agreements with co-conspirators to maintain the price of their product
• raising the price of their product

• This is an example of which type of trade restraint?
• horizontal
• vertical
• monopoly
• none of the above

• Which method did Zeon Chemicals L.P. use to restrain trade, based on the complaint?
• division of markets
• exclusive dealing agreement
• price fixing
• all of the above