QRB501 Week 4 – Apply: Income and Mortgages Mind Map


This assignment takes 24 to 48 hours to be completed. Send the assignment instructions to the email info@prowriting.co.



Explore three different Internet sites for providers of home mortgages or consumer credit. (You do not need to provide any of your personal information to be able to complete this assignment).
This assignment has two sections: a mind map, and an analysis.

Create a 350-word mind map in which you explain the differences in the 3 mortgages or credit terms and which would be best for you. Compare apples to apples, so if you are working with mortgages, show the % rate for the 3 types of loans, the duration, the down payments, FICO score, etc. The same applies if you are working with credit cards. The mind map needs to show these differences.

You may use Word, PowerPoint, Visio, or any other program to complete the mind map. Please show your APA citations on the map and in the analysis, and provide the 3 references at the end of the Word analysis.

Include the following:
• What are the terms of the mortgage or credit agreement?
• What are the differences in the different choices for this type of credit agreement?

Analyze in 175 to 350 words the choice that is best for you and why.